Case Studies

Foxy the Shiba Inu

Foxy now walking well on the leashWe received a call from a veterinarian referral from a couple who is moving to Arizona. They have two dogs, a 10 year old Pug, and a 10 year old Shiba Inu. The issue was with the Shiba Inu. He would not walk on a leash or accept a collar or harness without snapping and biting the owners. They were very distraught because they needed to drive across the country and the dog needed to be on a leash to relieve himself.  The dog also has multiple medical issues and was on medication such as prendezone which causes frequent urination. At our first visit, we were able to get the Bark Busters collar on him. The Bark Busters collar fits loosely on the dog, so he did not feel choked. We also cut one of his leashes to about 4 inches so that it would have some additonal weight added to it. We did not want to overly stress the dog, so we did ask the vet to perscribe a mild sedative.  We waited a few days and returned to the clients home. At the revisit, we were able to get the leash on the dog, and we let him drag it around.  Then, we opened the front door which he never went out of, and gently guided him outside. Our goal was not to have him walk at a heel, but to have him relieve himself.  He is pictured walking on the leash.

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