Bark Busters is the Largest Dog Training Company in the World

Why Bark Busters in home dog training

Bark Busters is the Largest Dog Training Company in the World.

We have trained over 750,000 dog worldwide. Hopefully, that reassures you that our techniques work! There are approximately 200 Bark Busters trainers in the US. We get together on a regular basis both in conjunction with our Home Office and in smaller groups to fine tune our skills and keep up to date with techniques.

We are local to you.

We can relate to some of the more local problems you may have such as your dog exhibiting unwanted behaviors at the dog park, dog beach or around your neighborhood.

We come to you.

Home dog training is a proven process. You and your dog are in familiar relaxed surroundings and therefore can learn more quickly and effectively. 

Home Training = Less Stress For Your Dog

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We genuinely want to help

Yes, we run our own business but we do this job (which can be hard at times) because we want to prevent you becoming frustrated and perhaps re-homing your dog.

Only you can change your dog's behavior

We will work together, and we will talk to you about how your dog's behavior can be changed, and show you what to do.  However ONLY YOU can change your dog's behavior as after we leave, you must continue to practice the training techniques and exercises so that the changes are lasting.

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